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Then OneMoreHectare is the ideal platform to present your large properties to an international audience, looking for space.

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You want to sell your property, but your property is smaller than 1 hectare or you want the mediation to be done by specialized professionals who not only promote your property through OMH, but also plan visits, organize follow-up, arrange the paperwork and successfully complete the sale.

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The benefits of presenting your domain on OneMoreHectare

A niche platform for an international audience

We want you to sell faster to an international audience looking for space! Potential buyers are approached via smart on- and offline content marketing: private individuals, but also local governments and companies (often in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility) looking for space. Your domains are divided into 4 categories: Residential, Agriculture, Nature and Project.

"Large land ownership" is strongly promoted!

In addition to an overview of the major domains in Europe, visitors to the platform can find valuable content about the lifestyle associated with large domains, as well as interviews with modern large landowners and information regarding the management of your space or even possible applications with a positive impact on the society.

Our vision

In a world that is getting smaller and busier, with a population growth of 1.1% / year and a presumed world population of 11.6 billion people by 2100 (ref. UN), "space" will become the greatest luxury. Space does not only represent x number of m²’s or hectares, but represents qualities such as peace, privacy, freedom, luxury and real wealth. Large domains are a perfect investment! Because no more land is being created! mainly wants to add value: For you as a broker, by offering you a strong channel to present the large domains in your portfolio to an international audience - looking for space. For the visitor (and perhaps future large landowner), by providing a clear, positive overview of large domains in Europe. And finally, the care that the new large landowners will take for their domain and the creative ways to use it will be very valuable for the fauna, flora and society.


  • Plan XS:     € 16 / month - 1 property
  • Plan S:       € 28 / month - 2 properties
  • Plan M:       € 65 / month - 5 properties
  • Plan L:       € 115 / month - 10 properties
  • Plan XL:     € 199 / month - unlimited properties

Properties can be switched within a plan.

Up-or downgrade is always possible.

Prices are VAT incl.

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