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In a world that is getting smaller and busier, with a population growth of 1.1% / year and a presumed world population of 11.6 billion people by 2100 (ref. UN), "space" will become the greatest luxury. Space does not only represent x number of m²’s or hectares, but represents qualities such as peace, privacy, freedom, luxury and real wealth.

Large domains are a perfect investment! Because no more land is being created

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Your own large domain

There are several good reasons to look for "a lot of space"

Maybe you are searching for a domain to live in and enjoy its privacy or are you looking for a stable investment in agricultural land; maybe you have dreamed all your life of creating your own forest or nature reserve - or - you want to realize your entrepreneurial dreams?

Whatever your motivation, OneMoreHectare wants to make it easy for you to find that space in Europe.

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