What is Luxury for us

For us, luxury is of course all the above, but it is actually much more. Luxury is an experience that does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money, such as: having time to spend with the people you love and the freedom to make conscious choices and to give direction to your life. But luxury is increasingly acquiring other dimensions. In a world that is becoming increasingly smaller and busier, with a population growth of 1.1% / year and a presumed world population of 11.6 billion people by 2100 (ref. UN), "space" will become the greatest luxury. Those 11.6 billion people will have to live, work and relax somewhere.

A large domain is like a private island but on the mainland.

Cities will become larger, the pressure on free space will increase. More people in a small area always face new challenges, especially when they "don't get space." Space then not only stands for x number of m²’s or hectares, but also represents qualities such as peace, privacy, freedom, luxury and real wealth. A large domain is like an island but on the mainland. You can walk, cycle, ride a horse, grow wine, hunt, let nature free, let children roam freely, land with a helicopter or sometimes even an airplane. You can share it with your environment and let it have a social impact! Large domains are also a perfect investment! No land is being created anymore! Owning large domains is a perfect way to protect nature and make fauna and flora grow and thrive, but also to generate income from forest management, recreation or eco-development.