La dolce vita with a residence in Italy

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Lenie Dankers

Italy: the beautiful life! The beautiful nature, the sunny weather, the historic buildings, the feeling of space, the accessible atmosphere, ... there are thousands of reasons that make life in Italy so beautiful. Have you been dreaming of a stay in 'the boot' for years? Or do you hope to spend your old day there someday? 

There are a lot of top properties available in Italy. From houses on the hilltop of a vineyard, to vast fields, to single villas with swimming pool on several hectares,.... you name it. In Sicily and Molise you will find beautiful extensive nature reserves that are also very affordable. The prices are historically low: the ideal time to invest in Italian real estate.

Italy: a dream

Living in Italy is like living in a dream. Life there is simple, quiet and convivial. And you can feel that from the locals as well: they are warm-hearted, especially if you know a word of Italian. Everyone feels welcome and at home in Italy. On Italian soil you still have a real chance to unwind. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and some time to catch your breath. If you have a busy life, a second stay in Italy is ideal to recharge your batteries. The natural surroundings are often still rough and unspoiled: a wonderful sight.

La dolce vita at a good price

Over the last fifteen years, prices on the Italian real estate market have been dropping. Especially today: the economic impact of the corona crisis is weighing heavily on Italy. A very unfortunate business, but very advantageous for you to buy a house there now. With historically low prices, it is very feasible to buy a farm or an Italian piece of land. Many of these properties are in need of renovation. But even with renovations in mind, you can still get a second home relatively cheaply. If you want to invest and upgrade a property, you have to be in Italy.

Ugrading Italy

Soon tourism in Italy will start up again. This will create a market for holiday rentals again. As a reviving neighborhood, there will be a lot of demand for places to stay. Are you planning on not living full-time in Italy? Then you have the opportunity to rent out your house during your absence. Dare to dream: spend the winter in Italy, and make a profit in the summer by renting out your house. You also have plenty of other options: open a B&B and let guests feel welcome in Italy, enjoy your retirement under the sun, a financial gift for your children later on, .... The advantages are endless.

Emigrating to Italy

All set to pack your suitcases to Italy? So are we! Whether you want to enjoy the landscape yourself, or make a nice living by renting out: the choice is yours. The Italian land has space and is magical in rejuvenating people. If you are looking for your own base to recharge your batteries, then Italy is the place to be.

What's on offer at OneMoreHectare

In need of space and looking for a unique property or property? Browse through our offer! Discover beautiful domains, charming castles and farmhouses to lick your thumbs and fingers. Every week we add properties and properties that give you the ultimate luxury: space to live and breathe. Also commercially some properties offer a lot of possibilities. Think of running a cosy B&B or keeping cattle on an idyllic farm. Shift down a gear and go for quality of life. Italy, that's where you come home.

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