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Lenie Dankers

From golden beaches and historical towns, to the delicious gastronomy, to the unspoilt nature: Portugal has many undeniable assets. The maritime character and hospitality in this country undoubtedly contribute to this. So it is no wonder that Portugal is a popular holiday destination and a popular destination to emigrate to. Finally opening that B&B of your dreams, but you still have doubts between southern Spain, southern France and Portugal? Then we would be happy to take your doubts away. In Portugal you will find your southern piece of land at the most interesting price. 

Looking for a pleasant quality of life? Then a piece of Portuguese land is really something for you.

Sunny climate, versatile nature

In Portugal you can enjoy no less than 300 days of sunshine per year. The Mediterranean climate and the surprisingly versatile nature invite you to fully enjoy kilometres of undiscovered walking and cycling paths where you can quietly immerse yourself in nature.

Would you like to enjoy a breeze? The Silver Coast of Portugal measures no less than 800 kilometres. That means an infinite number of undiscovered dunes and dramatic cliffs to see the sea disappear on the horizon. Of course you can relax with your toes in the sand and paddle in the sea. And best of all? These authentic seaside resorts are not touristy, so you can enjoy the sun, sea and beach in peace and quiet.

Accessibility assets

By car from Europe you will be at your destination along the quality roads. Do you prefer to take the plane? The daily flights at competitive prices are only an advantage. The country itself is accessible, but also the local culture. The population is very hospitable and invites you to enjoy locally grown olives with a nice glass of wine, or a nice piece of cheese with freshly baked bread. Besides Portuguese, the locals also speak a decent word of English or French. The stable political system means you don't have to worry. In the European country with the lowest crime rates, you also feel safe.

Budget-friendly country

Life in Portugal has many advantages, including financial ones. Despite its luxurious appearance, local life is cheap. Not only do you pay less for gas and electricity, but you can also expect a very attractive bill at a restaurant. 

In addition, you can make real estate bargains, which makes investing enormously attractive. Local legislation protects buyers and offers advantageous taxes. Both at sea and inland you will find more for your money. The prevailing low-rise building ensures that you can enjoy beautiful views everywhere. As a bon vivant you will find your way to your dream spot in the middle of nature.

Emigrating to Portugal

All set to pack your suitcases to Portugal? So are we! Whether you want to enjoy the landscape yourself, or want to earn a nice living by renting out: the choice is yours. The Portuguese land is spacious and filled with beautiful nature.  Are you looking for your own base to enjoy the natural splendor in peace and quiet, then Portugal is the place to be.

The offer on OneMoreHectare

In need of space and looking for a unique property or property? Browse through our offer! Discover beautiful domains, charming castles and farmhouses to lick your thumbs and fingers. Every week we add properties and properties that give you the ultimate luxury: space to live and breathe. Also commercially some properties offer a lot of possibilities. Think of running a cosy B&B or keeping cattle on an idyllic farm. Shift down a gear and go for a pleasant quality of life. Portugal, that's where you come home. 

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