A European piece of land as a safe haven against Covid-19

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Lenie Dankers

The pandemic completely shook our lifestyle. Because of the lockdown measures, we were forced to completely reverse our normal course of business. No more hours in traffic jams, but working from home. No more sitting in a cafe on the weekend, but digital drinks via Zoom. No more going to the gym, but working out at home. This suddenly turned our home into a multifunctional place to live, and we looked at our place in a different way. We also see that new priorities are being set by potential buyers on the real estate market. 

According to predictions, the coronavirus will continue to linger for a while. Didn't your home turn out to be so suitable to spend months in? With the continuing threat of viral infections and sudden lockdowns, it's a good idea to look at alternatives. With a European domain you'll be at rest during the peaks of Covid-19.

Space, nature & privacy

The situation was under control for a while, but in the meantime we are seeing the same phenomenon all over the world. The virus gets another chance to strike and a second peak is expected in November. This wave is predicted to be even more severe than the first: this will probably involve even stricter lockdown measures. Staying in an apartment in the city is really no fun at such a time. 

Escape the drama of the virus in your own private spot. Spend the next lockdown in peace and quiet in the middle of nature. If you have to stay at home, you'd better do it on a spacious estate, right? At OneMoreHectare we have a lot of domains that are very suitable to avoid the virus in all privacy. Just think of spending the lockdown in your own wooded area. This way you still have your daily walk, without running the risk of being infected. To the south-east of Madrid we now offer an area of 500 hectares that is extremely suitable for this. Still some need for contact? Then this villa with a horseback riding school in France might be something for you.Enjoy the peace and quiet with the whinny of your horses.

Protection for the whole family

Spending months together in a cramped house is hard to live in, especially with young children. With your own piece of land in Europe, you and your bubble are safe from the virus. Spend your time in lockdown as comfortably as possible: there are many domains available where there is room for the whole family. Like this beautiful country house in Spain on no less than 16 ha. Also in Belgium you can enjoy the southern tranquility in this villa. With the built-in outdoor swimming pool you'll have everything you need. Does your family like to play sports? Then take a look at this sports and recreation area in Croatia. Maybe you'll soon go on a daily run there.

Health care on point

The coronavirus could linger for years to come. So there's a chance you, too, could get infected someday. If, for some reason, you end up in hospital, know that you'll be taken care of all over Europe. In contrast to the more tropical destinations, the healthcare facilities here are perfectly fine.

Emigrating to a safe haven

Your safe haven during covid-19 on European soil? The possibilities are endless.  

You can spend the lockdown in comfort in the middle of your own citrus plantation on no less than 600 ha of land. Do you prefer to stay on Belgian soil? Then be sure to take a look at this charming villa.

Looking for a hobby to spend your time in lockdown? Make your own wine, so the lockdown still gets a nice aftertaste. Imagine yourself a real king/queen? Then you can choose a castle as a safe haven. Do you like to sit with your toes in the sand? Then enjoy lockdown on your own farmland by the sea, and then return well-rested back to civilization. Are your colleagues indispensable? Going in lockdown with the whole team is also an option. In Belgium there is a villa with office space waiting for you. Are you really afraid of the coronavirus? In Greece you can hide in your own bunker.

The offer on OneMoreHectare

In need of space and looking for a unique property or domain? Browse through our offer! Discover beautiful domains, charming castles and farmhouses that are finger-licking good. Every week we add properties and domains that give you the ultimate luxury: space to live and breathe. Also commercially some properties offer a lot of possibilities. Think of running a cosy B&B or growing wine. Shift down a gear and go for quality of life with your own domain.