Flour mill on 5 ha in La Fresneda - ES

5,00ha €250.000,00
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Nature, Project, Agriculture
44596 La Fresneda
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This flour mill is located in the municipality of La Fresneda, in the beautiful town of Matarraña, which was declared a "historic-artistic setting".

The property known as "the new mill" consists of three buildings to be renovated or rebuilt.

The largest building is the mill itself which houses the old machinery for grinding grain and the water pump, which is still in operation today.

The building has an irrigation permit and has several water ponds and ditches in full operation. It has several terraces suitable for cultivation. The farmhouse is easily accessible and has beautiful surroundings. One of the boundaries of the property is the river Matarraña. Because of the well known and beautiful surroundings it is possible to transform the domain into a rural hotel.

It is possible to buy only the property "the new mill" or to buy another nearby property of 5 hectares with olive trees in full production.

Ref 1273


- Doctor, nurse

- Pharmacy

- Public school, kindergarten

- Municipal Library

- Adult school

- Sports facilities

- Historical-artistic ensemble

- Post Office

- Food stores, butchers, bakeries

- Beauty centre

- Construction companies, carpentry, forge, stonemason, painters, plumbing, electricity

- Industrial laundry

- Bus connection

- 25 km to Alcañiz, 172 km to Teruel, 128 km to Zaragoza, 225 km to Valencia, 442 km to Madrid, 222 km to Barcelona. 

Consultor Fincas Rurales