Horseback riding in Europe... the (5) most beautiful destinations

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Amy Van Eygen

Horses are one with nature, literally and figuratively: they are enormously conscious and notice every small change or movement around them. It is a pleasure to stroll from the back of a horse in its rhythm and consciousness through woods, on beaches and in meadows. Tension and stress literally fade away in this intensive experience of nature. Below you will find some destinations that undoubtedly appear on the bucket list of every horse lover.

The Camargue in France

The Camargue belongs to the absolute top of the most beautiful horse riding destinations in Europe. It is a marshland known for its wild Camargue horses and the famous Fleur du Sel. You will also find pink flamingos and red rice. The large Camargue is 750 km² and is separated from the mainland by two branches of the Rhône. The area is located in the south of Provence and is flat and very rich in water. To see the whole Camargue area, you need at least one day. The Camargue horse breed is known for its agility and stamina. The French are proud of the breed and ensure that it is maintained.

Horseback riding in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are Europe's second most famous mountain range after the Alps and are located on the border between Spain and France. The oxygen-rich air, unspoilt nature and spectacular views take you far away from civilization. You will experience the ultimate freedom. People who want to go horseback riding prepare for a ride through mountains, forests and rivers.

Wicklow Mountains in Ireland

This area in the southeast of Ireland is the most popular national park in Ireland. It's famous for its vast fairy-tale valleys of red, yellow and purple colours and Ireland's highest waterfall, the Powerscourt. The park covers an area of 220 square kilometres and is home to numerous plant species and wildlife, including animals threatened with extinction. The Wicklow Mountains form a mountain range in which the national park lies. The area is synonymous with peace, space and rugged nature.

The Veluwe in the Netherlands

This nature reserve measures approximately 912 km² and consists mainly of moraines, sand drifts, drifting dunes, fens and forests. The park has an approximately 45 km long riding trail with 13 nodes that allow equestrians to safely plan their route. The chance of seeing wildlife animals during a ride in the Veluwe is high, as wildlife animals are less likely to run away from people on horseback. Horse lovers can explore the park on horseback or with a tightening harness.

Fjords in Norway

Fjords have been created by enormous accumulations of ice below sea level. Over a period of 2.5 million years, the U-shaped valleys were formed in successive ice ages. In other words, Fjords were formed by glaciers. The Norwegian word 'Fjord' is an old Viking term that refers to the expression 'through which you travel'. Norway has over 1,000 fjords. The Fjord horse is one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world and is said to have been tamed in this landscape for 4,000 years. Norway offers horse lovers various activities. The Norwegians are happy to take you on horseback to discover Norwegian nature. During the winter you can even take a sled ride through the snowy landscape.