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Lenie Dankers

Do you dream of having your own home in France? You are not alone, a lot of people buy space, beautiful weather and a great lifestyle and emigrate to France. Permanent or temporary, that's up to you, but there are many good reasons to move to this beautiful country for a while. We list some of them.

Enjoy the weather

One of the main reasons to move to France is the climate. As you travel further south in France, the warmer it generally gets. On the Côte d'Azur you can enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year. Along the southeast coast that runs from the border with Spain to the border with Italy you will find warm dry summers and relatively mild winters. Waking up every day with the sun at your side, it does something to a human being. Throughout the year you will get the most out of your purchase here.

A carefree lifestyle

Visit a farmer's market in a picturesque village, get fresh vegetables and put your taste buds to work. Those who like to go to the restaurant will also find culinary gems here. The quality of life here is high and the fresh products pamper your inner self. A delicious glass of wine and enjoy that purchase. If you speak a little French, you will quickly be accepted by the locals.

No worries about tomorrow

Getting older in France? No stress, everything's fine. The quality of care is high and affordable. Finding a General Practitioner's can take a while, but the hospitals work extremely efficiently and are completely up to speed on the digital train. By the way, even if you have school-going children at home, you can perfectly emigrate to France. The schools are happy to brush up on your children's French and the education is excellent. Most schools also provide an English lesson package, so all options are open.

Nature and space

In France you can still find space! In a lot of places you can wander endlessly through nature, without encountering a living soul. Hundreds of hiking trails are waiting for you. From sturdy rocks, over vast fields to mountain valleys with crystal clear lakes: France is the walhalla for nature lovers. Nature still has free reign here and you'll notice it immediately. The tranquillity you find here is powerful. Of course you can also go to the beach. You choose whether you fancy the masses or prefer a secluded spot. Rather a city sparrow? Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux and of course Paris. No, you're not lacking anything in this region either.

Emigrating to France

In general, life in France is not more expensive than in the surrounding countries. Moreover, houses in the French countryside are not that expensive, although it goes without saying that for a well-known place to live you have to pay a fair amount of money. Moving to France does involve some practical matters, so be well informed before you take the step. If you are willing to renovate, you can make good deals here.

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