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Resort plot on 11 ha in Herceg Novi - ME

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Nature, Project, Golf and recreation area
Herceg Novi
Lustica peninsula
85340 Herceg Novi
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This large development plot is located by the sea on the peninsula of Lustica and includes a project suitable for mixed use / various functions including a resort with apartments, villas and a hotel. This resort will be the symbol of the entrance to Boka Kotorska Bay, as one of the most striking 5-star destinations in Montenegro, located on an important historical site.

The resort is divided into a residential zone, a zone with public facilities and a harbor.

The residential zone is divided into zones with apartments, villas, a hotel and hotel bungalows.

The hotel is located in the centre of the site, as a landmark of the complex. The building consists of two wings with the residential units in one and the public facilities in the other wing. The living area has sea views and offers plenty of light. The number of floors is between 4 and 10, depending on the ground structure of the site.

The most luxurious part of the hotel are the bungalows, which are built at the beach.

The apartments are detached and are located around the hotel. They are planned as apartments with 2 floors and with a possible connection to each other.

The area with villas is located on the south side of the complex and has an open sea view. It is planned that each villa has its own swimming pool, 2 floors and 2 parking spaces the basement.

The public facilities are close to the sea. All facilities are connected with marked trails. The central point is the amphitheater, squares and the pavilion. There is already a beautiful path that connects the cape, the promenade and the central square. There is also a fortress that has been reconstructed according to the style of the restaurant. Close to the fortress is the wellness centre, it has 2 floors and sea views from every room.

The central square is formed by shops, galleries, cafes and bookstores on the first floor and apartments on 2 floors.

The existing sandy beach is the main beach of the resort, equipped with a beach club, sheds and cafes. On the rocky seashore, stretching from north to south along the complex, some small, private swimming pools are planned to be built on the newly formed and interconnected plateaus. Access to these pools and the promenade is possible via (rolling) staircases.

Three large swimming pools are also planned. One next to the hotel, one next to the Spa Center, and the third on the cape next to the fortress. The swimming pools are equipped with parasols, bars and all other necessary facilities. Tennis courts are planned on the northeast side of the complex, oriented north-south.

Construction parameters: ( with government) approval required.

Built area: 110.700 m²

consisting of:

Surface area: 88,150 m²

Underground surface area: 22,550 m²

Urban parameters:

Occupancy rate of the plot: 27.8%

The V/T coefficient: 0,8

Environment and nature


This prime location on the Lustica peninsula is located at the entrance to the Boka Kotorska bay. The symbol of the location is the fortress from the 19th century, which represents the recognizability of the Cape. One of the best restaurants on the coast, Ribarsko selo, is nearby.

Natural features 

One of the most important characteristics of the Montenegrin landscape is the very varied structure of the terrain. On the coast of the Lustica peninsula, due to geographical and seismic changes, the coastal strip offers a rich landscape ranging from high mountains to the deeply cut coast. The cliffs spread over the incredible backdrop of the sandy seashore, the turbulent blue sea and the villages in between. The rich Mediterranean vegetation also contributes greatly to such a prosperous and beautiful landscape. The typical gusts of wind from the Mediterranean influence the airy environment, the clean air and the pleasant environment for people to stay in. In addition, there is an abundance of natural, clean water sources in the surrounding area.


Being a higher class resort, the concept is based on a balance between the traditional climate and the pleasant environment, which is a source of luxury.

Every level of comfort, from functionality to appearance, is created by simplicity, spaciousness and by applying remarkable elements.

The integration of the traditional atmosphere of the environment is applied by using elements of traditional Mediterranean architecture from different periods of time: the square squares as an urban element, stone walls as elements of the local architecture, and finally the secondary elements such as stone benches , gothic style windows, gates, stairs and window shutters

The fortress, nature and environment of the resort would allow any guest to relive the rich historical culture, which is shaped by centuries of political and commercial struggle and ethnocultural tradition.


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