Oasi Galbusera Bianca, Lombardia - IT

20,00 ha €7.000.000,00

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Agriculture, Countryside, Hotel
Via Galbusera Bianca 2
23888 La Valletta Brianza Italy
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A paradise of biodiversity found just 40 km north of Milan and 20 km south of Lecco, surrounded by woods and hills and streams, with vines and orchards, meadows and vegetable gardens, a lifestyle in harmony with nature that brings people to rediscover their roots, because "the earth feeds the man who cares for the earth". Oasi di Galbusera Bianca is a Charming Organic Farmhouse, a series of integrated business proposals in Organic Agriculture, Organic Farmhouse, Organic Residence, Organic Spaces for incentive training and seminars, and Wellness Center and Organic SPA (rustic), in the heart of the Montevecchia Park and Curone Valley. Since its inception in 1999, the founder has begun to collect ancient varieties of fruit, and in 2005 it became the first Italian farm to be included in the WWF Italia Oasis System. Our heritage of ancient fruit varieties includes 120 varieties of apples, 60 of pears, 40 of plums and 40 of figs: we are a living museum of biodiversity, says the owner. The land of the Company is all within the Montevecchia Park and the Curone Valley, and host 3 SIC Projects (Sites of Community Interest): the Meadows, the Petrifying Springs and the Wet Woods, and the Life Projects, which have 'goal of conserving the best natural areas on the planet, like this one, to extend environmental protection to territories and landscapes with exceptional characteristics to be preserved for the future of our children.

For sale the hotel of 2160 square meters including a restaurant, 11 rooms and various common rooms, and 20 hectares of both agricultural and wooded land.

Those who choose a stay in the Relais of Charme Oasi di Galbusera Bianca have a first desire to satisfy: explore the dense network of paths that can be traveled on foot but also on horseback or by mountain bike, to discover the naturalistic beauties and the rural and religious architecture of the Park of the Curone Valley. But Oasi can also become a starting point to venture into Brianza in search of the villages around the small morainic lakes of Alserio, Annone, Pusiano and Montorfano, or to reach the nearest cities:

Bergamo, with its splendid Upper Town,

Lecco, protected by the peaks of Grigna and Resegone, loved by both hikers and mountaineers

Como, with its world famous lake where you can plan unforgettable excursions by boat, or by seaplane, admiring the ancient villas

Monza, with the Royal Villa, the Park and the Autodrome

Milan, a city that in addition to the shopping streets offers more and more stimuli from the point of view of art, culture and food and wine.

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